Clothing Requirements

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Note: All dancers purchase an Anna Wyman School of Dance Arts Jacket upon registration (fittings take place in September). AWSDA Jackets may be worn as a warm up garment in any class.

* All students should arrive for class with their hair tied away from their face. No jewelry, nail polish, or gum permitted.


Pre-Primary (Creative, Pre-Primary, Kinder): Ages 2-5

Ballet: Pink leotard, white ankle socks, and pink gymnastics or pink leather slippers (matching soft skirts optional) No Tutus please.

Tap: Pink leotard, white ankle socks and black tap shoes (matching skirts optional)

Jazz: Pink leotard, black shorts, white ankle socks and black jazz shoes.

Boys: White t-shirt, black shorts, thin white socks, and either white ballet shoes, black tap shoes, or black jazz shoes.

Ballet: Ages 6-17

Primary: Black leotard (Ainslie AW102), white ankle socks, pink leather full sole ballet shoe.

Level 1, Level 2, Level 3: Black leotard (Ainslie AW102), pink ballet tights, pink leather full sole ballet shoe.

Teen Ballet: Black leotard (Ainslie AW102), pink tights, pink canvas split-sole shoe (sansha).

Boys: White t-shirt, black shorts, thin white socks, white shoes with elastics.

*All ballet tights should have a convertible sole (Mondor 314 Pink E6) *Soft skirts will not be worn in class and are not necessary to purchase. *Please see handouts for instruction on hair and preparing shoes. *Please assist your children in remembering to remove ALL jewelry, watches, etc. for class. It can cause injury and be damaged or lost (Small earrings are admissible)

Contemporary: Ages 6-17

Black leotard (AW102), pink tights (with convertible sole), black shorts (optional). Dancers are barefoot.

Boys: Black pants or shorts and a white t-shirt. Dancers are barefoot.

Tap & Musical Theatre: Ages 6-14

Black leotard (Ainslie AW102), black shorts, white socks, low-heeled tap shoes for Tap classes. Black jazz shoes or barefoot for Musical Theatre.

Boys: Black pants or shorts with a white t-shirt.

Jazz: Ages 6-14

Primary: Black leotard (Ainslie AW102), black shorts. Black Jazz shoes.

Jazz 1, Jazz 2, Jazz 3: 
Black leotard (Ainslie AW102), black pants. Black Jazz shoes.

Hip Hop, Street Jazz, Lyrical Jazz & Contemporary Jazz 4: Ages 11-17

Anna Wyman sweatpants (purchased through the school) & black t-shirt or tank-top, jazz runners or indoor sneakers (black jazz shoes for Jazz 3).
No outdoor runners or white soled runners.



*PTP dancers wear ribbons on ballet shoes

*warmups, leg warmers and shorts, etc are permissible for the first 2 exercises of class only

PTP 1 (ages 7-9): White leotard (Ainslie AW101), white ankle socks and pink leather ballet shoes/full sole.

PTP 2 (ages 8-10): Lavender leotard (Ainslie AW101), pink tights, and pink leather ballet shoes/full sole.

PTP 3 (ages 10-14): Periwinkle leotard (Ainslie AW101), pink tights, and pink split sole canvas.

PTP 4 (ages 12-14): Black leotard (Ainslie AW101), pink tights, and pink split sole canvas.

CASUAL FRIDAYS! Any leotard, any colour, any style. Black Skirt (wrap). No Shorts. Pink tights.

NOTE: We recommend that each child purchase an undergarment for class use (optional) and for use in the performances (required).