Parent Volunteer Committee 

Did you know that every position on the Anna Wyman Parent Committee is filled by a volunteer parent? Volunteerism is the heart and soul of any dance studio – all of the rehearsals, theatre concerts, community performances, competitions and fundraisers have been possible only because of the parents who have cheerfully given their time to help make their children’s dance experience richer and more rewarding. When you see those same faces concert after concert helping to make the day run smoothly for your children you might want to consider the amount of time that very small group of parents have donated to your dance school...

All dance studios depend heavily on parent participation to ensure the success of a variety of endeavors throughout the year, and ours is no exception. For the last number of years we have had a small but dedicated group of parents who, as members of our Parent Committee, have given of their time to assist in the running of our Winter and Summer Concerts of Dance, costume sales, community performances and various fundraising events. This year and last have marked a major turnover in our Parent Committee…dancers graduate, and with them go several long-time parent volunteers. Due to the graduation of many of our long time students this past June, whose parents were instrumental on the Parent Committee, we find ourselves with only a few committee members at present.

Now is the time for others to step up and continue the work that the graduate families have done for so long.

We have several positions on the Parent/Production Committees to fill and must do so in order to continue supporting our dancers. Please consider making a commitment to help. Parent Committee meetings are once a month and one hour long. The commitment needn’t be overwhelming, we need the support of parents to take on small tasks as well as key positions, and all are welcome.

Please help us to continue to give our dancers every opportunity to thrive in their dance environment. Remember that we are only as strong as our parent community makes us. Please consider giving your time …your child will thank you!

If you are interested in finding out more about the Parent Committee, please contact the office.

General Volunteers

We are always in need general volunteers to help out the members on either a regular or occasional basis. Please contact the office if you are able to contribute some of your time to assist with dress rehearsals, backstage at performances, fundraising, special events, and picking up items for our snack shop.

We welcome new ideas to make the school a great place for your children. If parents have an expertise in their professional areas, we encourage you to share your suggestions with us.

For more information on volunteer opportunities, please contact the office.