As part of each student's training, The Anna Wyman School of Dance Arts presents two major performances each school year, namely one performance in December and one in June. The shows are presented at The Centennial Theatre in North Vancouver and all students have the benefit of performing.

A student can appear in the show in more than one piece, depending on how many classes a week he or she is attending. For example, if the student is studying ballet and jazz, then he/she could appear in both the ballet and jazz sets. Each member of staff choreographs a dance for their individual classes and rehearsals begin to take place in class-time during the latter part of the term. Two major dress rehearsals take place in the School on the two Sundays prior to the concert date and all students must attend.

The School's Performance Fund does not pay for all costs incurred by the rehearsals and performances. Therefore to offset expenses, the School sells tickets for the Show. Ticket prices are kept low to encourage maximum attendance by families and friends of students. The shows are usually sold out, so please purchase your tickets well in advance to avoid disappointment. Also, at the time of registration, the student is charged a Costume Fee and Performance Fee to cover the cost of costume purchase or rental, as each year new costumes must be created or old ones repaired and altered. 

Any parents wishing to volunteer to help with the show are more than welcome to do so. Whether your help comes in the form of corporate sponsorship or personal assistance, all are gratefully acknowledged.

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We develop more than dancers... 
Bonds that last. Friends for life.
We develop more than dancers. Bonds that last...Friends for life.