Professional Training Program (PTP)

The Professional Training Program (PTP) is geared towards the serious student who wishes to pursue a professional career in dance. This is an intense programwhich combines classical ballet, contemporary, flamenco and jazz.

The Program takes Classical Ballet, Contemporary & Jazz dance as it's cornerstones of training. We offer an optimum environment for the young, developing dancer, by providing an experienced and knowledgeable faculty and a well-rounded curriculum.

We are proud to announce the addition of Royal Academy of Dance Ballet syllabus starting September 2019. Anna Wyman School of Dance Arts has always been at the forefront of innovative and cutting edge dance and this addition to our program will continue that focus. The RAD was founded in 1920 to advance the standards in teaching dance. Not only does the RAD pride itself in providing a comprehensive and thorough base for dance training, it is also recognized both locally in schools as a course, but internationally both within and outside the dance community.  
Students will be tutored in technique, musicality, artistic expression, performance skills, physical coordination, movement dynamics and the precise positioning of the body.

The Contemporary program is comprised of Modern, Contemporary, Jazz, Improvisation & Composition. The Modern program is based on Horton and Graham techniques, with the Contemporary Jazz drawing influence from Release Technique, Street Dance, and Post-Judson practices. The Improvisation & Composition program is based on Anna Wyman’s own unique choreographic practice, and draws on the Laban Method and Laban Notation. Students will acquire a strong understanding of music, complex rhythms, and self-expression through centre-work, floor-barre and across the floor combination work. Students will expand their creativity with spontaneous movement, improvisation, and composition by exploring the history of Modern dance practices.

Flamenco training is based on Spanish dance technique including foot work, body posture, Palmas, song, music, and dance form. Discover the history and choreography of flamenco.

Entrance to the PTP Program is by audition only and is determined by the level of ability demonstrated in a general class. Please contact us to schedule an assessment.

Due to the intensive nature of the program, these classes are suitable only for the conscientious student. Those wishing to apply must be prepared to make a full year commitment to the program. 

Teachers: Heather Rusch, Charlotte Telfer-Wan and Bonnie Stewart.

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