Why Dance Works

1. Dance is an incredibly rewarding form of exercise that can begin at any age.

2. A form of interval training, dance combines intense bouts of cardio with strength training and deep stretching. It provides quick and lasting results by adhering to a specific set of repeated exercies, performed in a specific order that boosts calorie burn while sculpting and toning the body to create long, lean muscles.

3. Our professional dance teachers are here to guide and support you in every step from head to toe, ensuring that you work properly and safely for maximum benefit. We focus on an understanding of the dancer's body, our basic anatomy & physiology, and how we can activate the correct muscles while working.

4. Develop a rich sense of musicality and celebrate the artistry of movement as we incorporate various rhythms across a wide sampling of music, from classical variations, to pop songs, to experimental soundscapes.

5. A focus on breath connects you to your inner self, releasing stress and bringing your focus to the present.

6. Improve your posture, balance, and coordination.

7. From the barre to the floor and out into the world, carry yourself with grace, strength, flexibility and beauty.


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